How to get free games through G2A
by SummitYTYT - 04-06-2016, 06:26 AM
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This is a tutorial on how to get free games/in-game items using Paypal on G2A.
All my accounts for G2A that I have used this on have been banned and I can no longer buy items with my IP but I got over $1000 worth of free items.

First thing you will need to do is have a PayPal account, it doesn't need to be verified but just needs to be able to buy stuff with it.

Second thing, look for an item you want to buy, build up a cart if you want to.

Check out and after you receive ALL your items, go onto PayPal and go to your purchase history and click on your purchase. Report the order as Not as described.

Once they ask for details, just make something up saying that the item was the wrong item/damaged etc.

Confirm it and right after escalate it to a claim.

They will most likely not respond to the claim and you will get a refund 7-14 days later with no questions asked. It usually takes them 2 days after they issue the refund to ban your account on G2A.

This is obvious and most people have done it, they ban your paypal account from using their payment services too.
and no lawsuit is formed?
I' might try this ... Tongue
thanks for sharing this mate
I' might try this too ... :p :p
Thanks for share this SmileSmile
I' might try this ...
lol funny things with this

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