How to get a job as a windows/Linux systems admin?
by thelinuxnerd - October 15, 2020 at 12:51 PM
I have a strong Linux and windows server administration background. Im a former intern for a social services organization in my region for their tech support department. Im also interning virtually for an animal shelter. That's where I'm doing the software support and break-fix for the app. I can do both IT support and IT development. I have previous/current IT desktop support and helpdesk experience. I admit that Ive only had 1 or 2 paid computer jobs and those jobs seem to have worked out for me. Im doing internships to build my portfolio and it is a requirement to be creative to break into the IT Industry. Im trying to pursue my Cisco CCNA and do MyComputerCareer but I wouldnt pay for those an organization or employer would have to pay for it. Im also currently working my region's local vocational rehabilitation as an alternative to college. They're the ones who got me my (should have gotten paid) IT support internship at the social services organization. Im also trying to pursue my LPI LPIC-1 cert right now but again, an organization/employer would pay for it. I was told to skip CompTIA and go right into Linux/Cisco if I have current or previous IT desktop support or helpdesk experience. I agree with that. I wouldnt pay for the certifications an organization or employer would pay for the certifications. Im trying to get into Linux systems administration.
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