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How to change a disguise a link.
1.Go to

2.Type a link link of your choice (say i enter when they click the google link it takes them to pornhub)

3.when you enter the URL goto google URL and send it people.

4.If your posotive the person clicked it you can also refresh the page and go to the bottom to get their ip.

This can be very useful in raids such as a screamer link or a porn website or something of your choice.. enjoy

also pm me if interested in making a raiding team
y u waste raidforums ram u Rftechpony
this is literally pointless
wow nice tutorial thx xdddxxxd
I r8 8/8 m8 thnx for teachin me i had no ideaz how 2 redirect
Fucking terrible tutorial, You just wasted my valuable time, fuck you.
Thanks but I honestly doubt this will ever be used. There's other websites we'd rather use.
sorry but its not the best way...
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