How to avoid long queues when logging into WOW Classic?
by Dofuskamas - November 15, 2019 at 04:35 AM
WOW Classic has been officially released on August 27th, which makes all World of Warcraft players very excited, and some old players who have been away for many years are planning to come back to experience the feeling of nostalgia. But one of the serious problems players face is that the server can't load a huge number of players, and players need to wait a few hours in the queue before playing the game.
So you should try to avoid the servers and PvP servers that Blizzard claims in the warnings. If you are not interested in PvP content, then PvE servers are your best choice. These servers usually have fewer players.
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i think this post doesnt belong hereĀ  Shy
Interesting post (maybe). Wrong section though
Choose a server that doesn't have many players. Ez lol

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