How to avoid getting scammed
by Lycanroc - November 25, 2021 at 03:41 PM
  • Reputation and rank doesn't mean shit. Trust no one.
    Don't trust people based on their rank or reputation, it doesn't mean shit.
    This includes your personal experience with them, nothing is stopping people from acting genuine and then scamming you on a deal eventually when you already trust them.
    We had all too many people being scammed by users with high reputation scores (Asik for example, with 2500+ positive rep at the time of scamming)
    Same goes for upgrades/rank, VIP costs $10, MVP costs $20, GOD costs $50, are you seriously gonna trust someone just because they paid pocket change?
  • Take screenshots.
    Take a screenshot at the start of your conversation, if talking on Telegram or similar, include a screenshot of their profile info. (exact username, etc.)
    Too many people scramble to take screenshots after they've already been scammed, this gives scammers the chance to destroy evidence and make your scam report worthless.
    This will help us ban the attempted scammer and avoid having them attempt, or god forbid succeed to scam our members.
  • Use a middleman.
    100% of scam attempts can be avoided if you correctly conduct deals through RaidForums official middleman services.
    Only allow your funds to be released when absolutely sure that you're getting what you agreed to.
    If you're worried about the fees, ask yourself this: Would you rather spend $25 on a middleman and guarantee your deal, or risk a $500 scam?

    More info on our official middlemen can be found in these threads:
    Don't trust anyone else to middleman your deals!!! Only RaidForums admins and higher can run official middleman services.

That about covers it. If you think this guide is incomplete, feel free to post additional suggestions in posts to this thread and I'll add them to the thread.
Thank you for reading, stay safe and remain vigilant!
So you’re saying I shouldn’t trust you...
(November 25, 2021 at 03:42 PM)Ringer Wrote: So you’re saying I shouldn’t trust you...

Technically, sure.

The only people you can trust are RaidForums Administrators and higher. (Omnipotent)
No genuine person would be offended by your distrust in them, with all the scammers that are running around.

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