How to Find a Past internet connection with Windows Powershell
by SP3CT3R - April 27, 2021 at 09:25 PM
If you use Microsoft 10, you can open Windows Powershell (works for command prompt too).
Once Powershell loads type this:
Netsh wlan show profiles

Once that's done it will show you the internet connections you've made. If you lose ur password to a specific one of the Networks. type:
Netsh wlan show profile name= <SSID NAME GOES HERE> key=clear

The key=clear part will remove any security keys from hiding the password. Once that's done all u have to do is search for the password under "Security Key" and that will be it. It also works for changed passwords so long as you connected to that network after the change. You cannot connect to any network using this, it will only show you your past internet connections.

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