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How to Dox using IP or Phone number
If you have your victims ip adress, go search his info by pasting the ip into your favorite search engine(same for phone number.).

Once you have some basic info, such as where they live (statem zip code etc.) I'm pretty sure if you have their phone number, their provider and name should appear. Call up their provider, ask for their Law Enforcement group, or just say your a private investigator, and you need the info to the number inorder to create a subpoena (soupeena <How to pronounce).

If you want to pull up the info of an ip its the same process as above. Ya can't sound suspicious either, if not your fucked. Just try to sound as legit
as possible, and they'll give ya info, make sure you do research on law enforcement, court orders, and things your not sure about before you do this.

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