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How to Advance a Raid after Acquiring Streamer's IP?
Okay, I know how to get a Streamer's IP (Skype, Loggers etc.) but I'm wondering what can you do after you obtain a person's IP? IP Locaters only  give you vague information, how would I acquire their actual address? And are there any other things you can do with their IP? Thanks!
Based on my knowledge of dox'ing from IPs, you may do an ISP Dox.

You could go on the streamers paypal and get his/his dad / his mom's name and then you continue searching it up on whitepages and you try to confirme that its his addres
try getting his address but don't ddos. It ruins the fun.
ddosings fun when they say they are undosable. its great but yea just try finding their adress
IP, location, name, house, number ect.. kinda alot
From an IP you mainly get just an ISP, and a geo location. You can attempt to do and ISP dox as said above which is where you call the provider and attempt to get information from there. Or that's what I was told a while back.

Just to be safe I'd attempt to get more information rather than JUST an IP address.
Address dox and then order a shit ton of pizzas to their house
You ddos it and then let them get back online and threaten to do it again unless they mod you then you unban all the trolls and rinse and repeat until everyone is mod and then profit I guess

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