How's it goin bros?
by pewdiepie - March 21, 2015 at 06:56 AM
My name is peeeeewwwwwddddiiiiieeeeppppiiieee.
Omfg the real pewdiepie omg omg omg fuck me sideways pls

Ayy lmao 
Wow pewdiepie welcome I watch all your videos
welcome to the forums
*brofist* I'mma go kill myself now
I would welcome you but nah. naaaaaaaaaaaaah.
final warning to you niggas, stop bumping threads
i wanna see Pewdiepie raided if he streamed on Twitch.
I would welcome you but nah. naaaaaaaaaaaaah.
I would welcome you, but nah. Naaaaaaaaaaaaah.

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