How's everyone doing?
I have stumbled upon this website and am impressed with the amount of database leaks there are and how organized they are in one thread. Because of the credit system on this forum I'm going to try to be active but it's gonna be hard not to shit post lol. I'll try my best!

*cough* someone get into a conversation with me so I can build my credits  Tongue  (I'm just joking, not here to break the rules so don't ban me :/)
Ban reason: ban evading, just search 'Crosshair' into memberlist
also was spamming forums (Permanent)
Im doing good, I like the db leaks as well Tongue
I've been trying to jump into conversations that i can contribute too. I've never really forum'd before.
I am well! How are you?
Im quite new here and also really like it.....
"I'm just joking" yeah, right
I'm honestly surprised how little shitposting happens on these kinds of sites
I'm doing quite well, thanks for asking.
u must be malaysian?
i like this forum very much i have a nice day tho
Doing pretty good, just got banned on a game - but yeah fine ig
Its pretty cold here, lurking a bit.
im fine, so boring here :(

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