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How many squirts of ketcup should I put in my fries?
If I were to eat some french fries, and I had a squeeze bottle of ketchup, how many squirts should I put on the fries?
I never put any ketchup on my actual fries, I usually put it on the side. Directly on top of the fries ends up being too messy for me, and it depends how much you love that dank ketchup.
fuck squirts, drizzle it all over that shit and go to town on the fries

chicken is optional but highly recommended
really you need to ask

1. On the side or on top (if on the side head to 3.)

2. how "saucy" do I want these fuckin' fries? (if it was a lot, go to four, a little go to five)

3. 1-2 packets or 3-5 packets? (pick either one you want)

4. Drench those little things in 4-5 packets.

5. Ehhh, I guess 1-3 packets.

if you decided, congrats, you wasted like 2 minutes figuring this out.
I drizzle ketchup all over the fries. I do the same with the ketchup packets at fast food places.
put as much as you want after tasting with one fries and enjoy you meal
Homemade or from a fad foost chain? if they are homemade, I never use ketchup

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