How many of you buy ingame Skins & why?
by exxoticx - 11-18-2017, 02:59 PM
Im really curious... I dont buy that many its a waste of money imo
I buy cs go for betting usually end up loosing it :(. I think most people are collecting or just trying to flex with it. Its the same thing as having fancy clothes IRL but having cool skins ingame . Not useful but basicly just to flex with.
I don't because they are kinda a waste of money, instead i buy new games or stuff in real life
waste of money, you're paying 400 bucks to display a .png inside a game.
I usually don't buy skins directly but if I do it would be for gambling. I would much rather spend it on in game cases for the thrill of the gamble, I usually end up selling the skins eventually. Essentially though I buy the cases for the same reason people spend money at a casino, gambling is fun.
please dont buy skins, its not worth it
too much bro, too much, i think so round about 1k.
if u buyin skins and it aint for some kind of decent stream content (as in you actually make something back) then u is a gay nigga who enjoys big black unlubed dicks in ur ass and should go rwt runescape gold while repeatedly stabbing urself in the penis with a rusty hacksaw blade
I also buy them for Gambling too but yeah I dont play with them often tbh
I used to in games I played frequently and had a lot of hours in, because i liked the way they looked and enjoyed showing off but in the end of the day they don't give you any actual advantage so there's not really much point in having them.
I never buy skins. waste of money
i agree it's a waste of money.
But it allow programmer to dev a bit more.. so... meh

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