How long would it take?
by Mrdrka - April 19, 2021 at 03:00 AM
If the power grid completely failed in your country, how long do you believe it would take before anarchy happened?

I'm guessing about 24 hours once people discover there's no power anywhere at all.
I would say less than 12 hours. 6 at the most. Any form of telecommunications that was not based around cell phone towers and the internet would likely make people venture out to get a battery-powered radio, or just drag out their alarm clocks with battery cases and a stable antenna. I may sound negative for saying this next part, but most people who use their phones would likely be able to know faster than all others when they can't find theirs, nor any stable internet service. People are bound to notice fast now, especially with how much tech we use per day.
well, where i currently live (america)
it wouldnt take long for retard rednecks and whiny democrats to start rioting(maybe 12-24 hours), seeing as thats their favorite past time.
i live rather close to the usa/canada border so i would just drive over, many canadians drive right over our border to shop because canadian grocery stores are fucked with prices.
but yeah, americans love any chance where they can loot a building or shoot people.
Under such circumstances, no deliberation would occur - murder time within 6 hours, i mean have you seen one person alone try and survive with out their phone.
Probably between 24 and 48 hours. After that it is definitely not a good place to stay in a big city.
It failed for around 48 hours in my city with not much of a problem
depends how long it takes for people to realize that no power means no CCTV/security systems working....then it would be chaos!

kinda scary to think of how much we rely on electricity for payments these one would be able to buy anything O.o

with the fact people are already on edge because of COVID lockdowns...3-5 hours
It depends where you live. If you are in a developed country, this could happen faster, in a developing people are more used to such situations and it could take some time.
very very big!!!!!!!!1!!!!

t depends where you live. If you are in a devel
for anyone in america saying anything but 1 hr or less then you're wrong lmao.

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