How long is COVID supposed to last?
by thelinuxnerd - October 11, 2020 at 10:09 PM
At the essential business i work for I was told by another employee there that Corona is going to last for 2 years and to plan on being an essential employee for 2 years minimum. Ive seen some posts on here that Corona is going to last for 3 years and even some posts that COVID is supposed to last until 2030. I understand that there's supposed to be a hyperinflation depression (with the majority unemployed and 15 an hour and we cant afford it). With this covid its going to force the lawmakers to make 15 an hour the federal minimum wage. Its also going to force nationwide free college. It's starting to be a lot of AOC's policies coming into practice. Im wondering if any of you know from a qualified source how long corona is supposed to last? My essential job said a minimum of 2 years.
Depends where you are, America would be 5+. anywhere else 2<
Im in America/United States
No one can really predict how long Covid Crisis will last. Anyone talking about a specific time frame is an idiot or liar.
Covid as Virus will last for ever. It's a "new" virus and there is no cure against it at the moment, thats why its so extremly dangerous.
Depending on how everything goes once a country (more like which country) finds a real working medicine it may take a few month to get the situation under control, or not.

As a german/european i would say you are currently fucked up because you are from Usa, your current president isnt showing much interest in getting covid under control.
But thats only my opinion through, i might be wrong.
probably last for 2 to 3 years..
Nobody knows, everyone's trying to do fancy maths to predict how it'll behave. We can't even tell 100% what's the weather going to be like in the next few hours... do you think humanity can predict how a virus will continue to spread, be contained and controlled?
no one can tell for sure, dont listen to that 2-3 years
It's best to end it now. Nobody needs that.
Unfortunately until a suitable vaccine is found. Unfortunately.
nooo idea BUT if you're an essential worker then at least you will still get money?

they'll probably get a better idea on what vaccine works next year but who knows what the impact of the virus will have had on the world by then and also how long to get everyone vaccinated....or enough of the world to stop it spreading :/ basically....give up all hope and be happily surprised in the future if things get better Tongue
It's best to end it now. Nobody needs that.
I think it's going to last forever tbh.

-Vaccines take about 8 years to produce and means test.
-Vaccines require, i think it's around 90-98% participation to be effective.
-Alot of people won't take a vaccine anyway, because conspiracies
-Rushing out a vaccine in months is fucking dangerous, and will probably do way more harm than good

I think we're just going to have to live with this, like AIDS etc (Which still hasn't got a cure, only treatment) & it'll be an all year flu thing, instead of chalking it up to seasonal flu.

Plus with Governments lying, populism etc literally eroding trust in experts (on top of some experts having vested and dark interests) there will always be a form of resistance towards everything.

Also, in some countries like the England/US, the reaction to the virus and it's economic and social degradation, will be worse than what the virus will actually cause. I'm expecting a high suicide rate this Christmas after furlough schemes have dropped and loads are made redundant.

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