How hacking looks like
by h67T6GUG78 - September 20, 2021 at 07:14 PM
How hacking actually looks like.

You've probably seen many movies where hacking is portrayed like this - *random windows open, they display random text scrolling very fast, doesn't make any sense*

In this video, let's see what real hacking actually looks like.

Believe me or not, your password is probably already out there publicly available on the Internet without even. your knowledge. This might feel a bit unconvincing, but it’s true there is a chance. Even mine existed publicly on the Internet without even me knowing it until recently when I finally found out that my credentials are already stolen and available for literally anyone to see. I had to then change my passwords on all my websites immediately.

Fun fact : There is a breach compilation available on the Internet that contains literally 1.4 billion email password combinations! Think about it! 1.4 billion!

The best way to stay safe from data breaches is to use a different password for every website. Use a password manager like Dashlane to generate random unique passwords for every website you use.
sure, i love this as its very intresting, Thanks for Sharing your stuff here.
It's like the movie Hackers, & i will not be persuaded otherwise.

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