How do i make my future in hacking
by ahad471 - March 24, 2018 at 09:28 PM
How do i make my future in hacking
If you want to "hack" legally and make your future out of it, study to be a pentester.
Yeah there's a lot of money to be made in the security field, especially things like pentesting, where companies basically pay you to try and break into their systems to make sure they're secure.
learn pentesting, and dvwa is fun
You need to learn a lot though if you want to work as a pentester that's for sure. Learn some programming language too, I suggest python for hacking
I thinking this question resently, I want to be a white hacker,but that is too difficult to make money for a single person
Type color a and tree into cmd, and you’re into NASA. [WORKING 2018] [NOT PATCHED]
Depending what you want to be. There is much money to be made in both black hat hacking and white hat hacking. As someone told you, if you are interested in the "white part" of it then study to become a pentester, get some certifications and get a junior job. Else, try to get leads for some specific industries and sell the leads.
if you're still at uni, get a part time job at some it sec company, and get some experience..
learn a lot by yourself, as others said, a programming language, python is good, but basic shell scripts, and php could also be useful, depending on which part of ethical hacking you're mostly interested..
also get a certification.. i believe more in practical experiences and not pieces of paper, but this isthe world we live in...
CEH is pretty easy, and still gives some boost to your career..
OSCP is much more practical, aim for that if possible...
to learn to hack and not to be arrested!!!
earning money with security is a lot easier if you're able to demonstrate to a client some real hacking skills. But for that you need to work your ass hard 'cause it's a fast moving world and at a moment you need to specialize yourself.
(March 24, 2018 at 09:28 PM)ahad471 Wrote: How do i make my future in hacking

there was this huge guide over on hack forums that basically gives you tips on where to start and what you should do when u get to college and what you can do now in order to peruse a pen testing career

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