How do i get credits?
by B342384 - June 08, 2020 at 05:59 PM
If you enable hide content does it auto enable unlock for credits
Just read though this

There's a section callled How does the hidden content system work.
I think you need to post something helpful fo the community and it'll be unlocked by members.
white comments as crazy all day long
If you didn't receive credits then you posted in a section of the forum that doesn't provide credits Smile

Well which sections do provide credit?
making irrelevant posts like this, of course. dont we all :D

well, seems like that was a fucking lie. didnt get any credits from that lol
thats exactly why im here. haha sure as everyone else
Reply to posts, contribute and share ideas Smile
You earn credits by contributing to the community. Or if you're willing to pay you can go ahead and buy them for money
apparently making posts, or buy them with money for ridiculously high prices
Either you post relevant content or you pay for more credits. The way to go is to engage with the community

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