How can I start off here?
I must do something here and not just be a hang around Rftechpony.  Wtf should I do or start off here.
Maybe make stories to make us laugh?
Make an introduction Keepo

if you gotta you can lurk around and see what we do.

That's how I became a not Rftechpony Keepo

Link b8 streams (m60forjesus, BrittanyVenti, Expedable, Repzion, or McJuggerNuggets [he is too popular to troll])
SPAM IN SHOUT BOX (Img, link, emoji, etc.) if you intend on doing that you are in for a long haul bud
post CP (Child pornography)
make any threats of Swatting or Swat
Post IP's in SB nor Doxes, use Pastebin or some shit
There are more but read the official rules thread. these are just the most common *linked*

Also make sure to have fun ^-^
its obvious that you have to blow predator

thats what i did

everyone does that, right?

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