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How Triangular Phone Tracking Works (How the FBI Traces Cell Phones)
by teamkelvinsecteam - May 25, 2018 at 04:42 PM
Hello again, my fellow hackers! Today, I will explain to you how the FBI can trace any mobile phone number to an exact location on US territory. This method is called "triangular lookup" or "triangular trace", or just "triangulation".

This way of tracking requires direct access to the mobile cellphone provider's systems, so it isn't something that is available for the average hacker. But since many of you might be planning on joining the agency responsible for intelligence of your country, it might be VERY vital to know how triangulation works!

So, Let's Begin!

To better understand triangulation, let's look at the shape of a cellphone tower. Take note that it has the shape of a triangle:

Each side of the triangle is called a sector. These sectors are labelled by the Greek letters alpha, beta, and gamma (a, ß, Y). Within each sector, the tower can see how far away a connected cellphone is. This allows it to "trace" the cell phone: by detecting which sector it is connected to, and how far away the cellphone is. Here is a representation of these sectors, with the cell phone tower being in the middle:

[Image: triangular-phone-tracking-works-how-fbi-....w1456.jpg]

Now, let's say our target is connected to sector gamma, and is in the number 4 range. Then we know that the cellphone is somewhere in the by yellow marked area:

[Image: triangular-phone-tracking-works-how-fbi-....w1456.jpg]

I think you get the idea. Let's move on to what happens when we use 2 towers!

When a cell phone is connected to 2 towers that overlap each other at the same time (this must be the case), we can further increase our accuracy in tracing the phone. The cell phone is connected to the blue tower's sector alpha and is at the 5'th band (5 miles) in distance, while it is also connected to the orange tower's gamma sector and is in the 4'th band of distance (4 miles) of the orange tower, we can trace the cell phone really accurately by comparing the 2 results of the 2 towers, like shown below:

Now, if a 3rd tower is brought into play, we get what is called a "triangulation". In this case, we can trace the cell phone REALLY accurately! Let's see what happens when we bring a 3rd tower in:

[Image: triangular-phone-tracking-works-how-fbi-....w1456.jpg]

As you can see, the mobile phone is again within the red circle. If it moves to the left, it enters the green tower's band 6. If it moves right, it enters the green tower's band 4. If it moves down, it enters the green tower's gamma sector and also enters band 4 of the blue tower. I think you all get the idea.

Only the government or the mobile provider could pull off a triangulation, unless a hacker has compromised the system of course. This way of tracing is very reliable and is used a lot by the FBI, because the target doesn't need to have GPS or anything else on, it just needs to be connected to a cell tower.

Triangulation is almost always possible in urban areas, because the towers are close to each other, but it is less common in rural areas, where the towers are more apart than in a city.
Yup, some of this was leaked quite a few years back, although one could assume triangulation can be used as that method of location has been around for nearly a century.

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