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How To Make a Sparkler Bomb (or a giant torch if you fucked it up)
You're going to need a lot of sparklers (around 100+ for a bang, 200+ if you're looking to impress ISIS), duct tape, and electrical tape.

Step 1: Cut all the metal stems off of the sparklers (to eliminate shrapnel and make the wrapping easier)

Step 2: Gather all of the sparklers into one bundle, leaving one near the middle poking out to act as a fuse.

Step 3: Use electrical tape to secure the top and bottom so you can wrap it well. Once you've secured each end, put a full layer of electrical tape, then a layer of duct tape. Keep wrapping it, switching the type of tape used every layer. You should use as much tape as you can. Be sure to cover the top of the bomb where the fuse is sticking out, so no sparks fall on the sparklers causing a premature ignition.

Step 4: Find a place where the cops won't find you and make Allah proud

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