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How To DDoS [ Skype & Twitch ]
How To DDoS [ Distributed Denial of Service ] For Newfags

Hello everyone, I am LeSpookySkeleton a well known L33T Haxor on RF (not)
Anyways I am not here to joke, Today I will teach you how to DDoS a Twitch streamer for beginners

0.01 Requirements

• VPN [ Optional - Look at the Recommended ones at 0.01b ]
• A Computer or Laptop
• Windows Software
• Of course The Victim's Skype
• The Victim's Twitch Link
• Booter [ Look at the Recommended ones at 0.01b ]

0.01b VPN

• PIA [ Private Internet Access ] Really good! Doesn't sell data
• Cyberghost [ Not bad but sells data - Free Trial ]
• Torguard [ Really Good, MultiPlatform, Doesnt sell data ]
• IPVanish [ Really Good, Doesn't sell data ]
• Hola VPN [ Probably the worst, Don't even know why I typed this ]
• Proxy.Sh [ Good doesnt sell data ]

0.01c Booters

• [ Probably the best and cheapest ]
• [ Also in top standards ]
• [ Not bad ]

0.02 Main DDoS

• Ok guys start off by starting on your Computer
• Download or Purchase a Free Trial of any of those VPN's [ Optional but I really recommend it ]
• Turn on your VPN and change to a pretty far country
• Make sure your Internet works with that VPN If It doesn't try another one
• Start off by heading to and ask for the current raid
• Remember : Your target must be some small-time ROBLOX & Minecraft playing streamer because most don't fall for it
• Ok head over to the target's twitch stream and start off by being nice and stuff
• Slowly start getting in and ask for their skype
• There is a 5/10 chance they will give it to you or they don't have one so it's all about luck
• Once you have their skype just head over to Skype Resolver or
• Type in the target's skype and it will give you their IP Address
• Now you can leak the Skype if you want on some forum shit, I really don't care
• First attack the IP on your Booter Dashboard with 1GB then slowly tune it up and they should be offline
• Now your done!

If you feel the need I need to edit or fix anything on this thread please send me a private message with the Reason.

Warning : I or RaidForums does not take any responsibility for your actions, This is at your own risk.
Jackzbooter may be kill but it will still be the best
try, its paid however its 100% secure from authorities (they email you if approached) stores no data! (Russian 256 aes is most secure) 30$ for 6 m/
Sp00ky shit, on myway to being 137 hax0r
What about amassing a 30k+ botnet and having them all boot the kid off ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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