How To Avoid Getting Doxed
by Peregrine - December 20, 2016 at 01:08 AM
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Getting Doxed can be a big deal. The following tips will server to protect you from being doxed, but realize that any enterprising individual will eventually be able to pin you down. Welcome to Web 2.0

Dox- search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.

Realize that if you are doxed, it is not illegal. You cannot have the FBI or police arrest the man for finding out information about you. However, doxing that involves threats of violence or continued harassment is illegal.

Finally, recognize that the following steps only serve to limit exposure to INDIVIDUALS. Any law enforcement agency has tools at their disposal that are not covered here.

Useful tools to avoid getting Doxed:

-[10minutemail] There are a lot of 10 minute mails out there. They all work the same. You simply click on them and you get a free email for 10 minutes. You can also extended the time if you need to. Useful if you want to set up an account with a fake email. This is my personal favorite one, but there are many more out there for you to choose from. [] Free
-[YopMail] An alternative to 10minutemail. The only difference is that the messages is kept for 8 days instead of 10 minutes. Depends on the time interval needed to complete your mission.
-[Disposable Phones] This prevents people tracking your phone number down to you. Sold in a lot of places and not too expensive.
-[Exif Data] If you share pictures, be sure to strip the pictures of exif data. (Google it if you don't know what that means.) It doesn't matter how you're sharing the pics; be sure to strip them of data before sharing. Exif data can be as unique as a fingerprint. A sure way of making sure all the data is gone is by switching .jpegs to .pngs. There is also anonymizer tools(comes with Tails OS by defult) that shreds any info on pix.
Understand that whenever a picture is taken from any phone nowadays leaves a gps marker. Make sure to prevent it from ever reaching the internet. There are those who may choose to stalk you with that information.

Some useful tips to avoiding getting Doxed:

#1- Search yourself up. Use every link possible to find information about yourself. You can use varying degrees of information in each link, depending on how anonymous you want to remain. If you find information on yourself that is accurate, figure out how to change it immediately.

#2- Social Media. Having any form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) that is linked to your personal life is a bad idea. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT NOT GETTING DOXED, YOU WILL DELETE EVERYTHING LINKED TO YOUR PERSONAL LIFE. If you decide to keep it, there will be tips down below on how to avoid getting doxed with them.

#3- Don't be a dumbass. Giving out personal information is the way to get caught. If someone asks for it, tell them to shove it and move along.

#4- Use common usernames and don't repeat usernames. This makes it harder to gather all of your information and makes the doxer use multiple tools to find you.

#5- Never connect usernames to gamertags and vice versa. One real life example is of Anon "Nerdo" who was caught because the police were able to connect his gamertag to him and then connect him to #OpPaypal.

#6- If you are truly serious about operational security, considering full harddrive encryptions incase shits hits the fan. Study up also on encryption methos that protects your incoming and outgoing trafics from your computure into the worldwide web. As a side note, the most vulnerable part of any connection is at the local level.

#7- A tool to remove exif data from your pictures can be found here:

#8- Google your SSN to check if it has been leaked

#9- Before ordering something online, check the company on sites like If you are ordering from a site, which is false they could use your credit card against you. If they have your credit card info, they can get access to alot of information about you.

#10- Remember also to hide your IP address. You can do that by using a VPN or just by using Tor.

#11- Call your mobile carrier and tell them not to post your number on sites like whitepages.

#12- If you cant delete a account, then change the name, picture, info and everything else about that account.

#13- Search your own name at sites like to check what there is possible to find about you online. This can also help you, to see which accounts you need to delete.

#14- Don't click on random links. If you do, you could be getting viruses that reveal your personal information, give your IP away and countless other things.

#15- Don't make enemies. If you dont make enemies you wont get doxed.

-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/Social Media-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/

-For all social media site, you should use a fake email. The easiest and one of the most accessible one is 10minutemail. There are many sites dedicated to 10minutemail and all of them work.

-[Facebook] Don't use Facebook. However, if you're reading this, you probably use FB. Get rid of it. If you decide to keep it (God forbid!), there are several things necessary to keep your Facebook secure.
1. No profile picture. This will make it more difficult for facial recognition sites to identify you.
2. No "About" Information. This includes emails, phone numbers and any other form of contact.
3. Make friends list private. Even you all of your information is secure, doesn't mean your friends are.
4. Use an alias. If you change your last name, it makes it that much harder to find you.
5. Don't list any family members. It gives away your alias and shows people more information about you.
6. No public posts. Does not matter how general or meaningless it is. The simplest thing can give you away.
7. You can view your wall as a public figure or as a specific friend. I would recommend doing this to see if you
missed anything or have other information you wish to make private.

-[Twitter] Twitter is a little better than Facebook, as it doesn't have a "wall" displaying all of your information. Plus it is less friend based than FB.
1. De-link it from Facebook. (Or better, use an alias and an alternate email.)
2. Make your twitter private so people cannot see all of your tweets. [] Here is how to do it with pictures. Be sure you know the person before you confirm.
3. Don't retweet your friends. It leads Doxers to your friends and they might be linked to FB or other Social Medias
4. Don't post pictures of any personal stuff or information.
5. If you are thinking of managing an account for any anonymous organizations be it for your own use or with others. ALWAYS remember to take proper steps to ensure there is no traces back to you or your mates.

-[Instagram] Ew no. What are you, a camwhore? Some sort of haxxor 12 y.o.? Do not use Instagram. Go join /soc/ on halfchan if you want to be that kind of attention whore.

-[Google+, Youtube] Okay, this one is hard. I would highly suggest not using anything that is linked to google. This would include Youtube, gmail and Google+. Because these are all linked together, it is hard to hide everything. But if you decide to keep a google account (Why the fuck would you though) here are a few tips to keep you concealed.
1. Don't post to Youtube. Don't comment on Youtube. Do not do anything with Youtube without opening a separate secure browser that isn't signed in to gmail, Google+, or Google Drive.
2. Alter your settings so that everything is explicitly private: search history, profile history, game history, phone history, location history. EVERYTHING.
3. Be careful of how you use your mobile devices and google services. If you have any Android type phone, you are using Google, whether or not your realize it. Make sure to change the settings on your phone.
4. Make sure, under no circumstances you confirm any account with a text message. Your number will be added to that account and if doxed. Expect pizzas.
5. Should you need to confirm any text messages for any reasons, there are website designed for those situations in mind. Go to one, enter the number on the screen and it will relay the code/confirmation/whatever to the webpage.

Helpful Articles:

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Nice and very useful thread, Smile thanks for sharing and advices

Nice and very useful thread, Smile thanks for sharing and advices
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#11 is a problem in my country, they selling information right after the customer registered, lol

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