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How Not To Be A Newfag/Skid (A guide by a newfag)
Hello all. If you've just joined RaidForums, congrats. You have made the right decision. In order for quality enjoyment while on RaidForums, please follow this guide so you aren't a Rftechpony, nor a skid.

Step 1: Defining the Newfag and Skid

So what is a Rftechpony? A Rftechpony is one who is either new to a community, doesn't browse it often, or is just an autistic person that decides to exhibit Rftechpony behaviour. REMEMBER, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE NEW TO BE A NEWFAG, ANYONE CAN BE A NEWFAG OR ACT LIKE ONE. The Rftechpony often posts cancerous and taboo content, and does various autistic acts such as spamming, calling other people Rftechponys, and stirring shit up. A Rftechpony often tries to make DDoS and SWAT threats, and will usually end up with their own internet being DDoSed. But what is a skid? A skid is an autistic being that pretends to know about coding/hacking, but does not know the first thing about it. Skids believe that having LOIC makes them a hacker and that defacing and old indian website makes them a god. These two types of people can be classified under the "faggot" species. REMEMBER, JUST BECAUSE YOU REGISTERED AT AN EARLY DATE DOES NOT MEAN YOU CANNOT BE A NEWFAG. TAKE TECHPONY FOR EXAMPLE. HE WAS A SOMEWHAT OLD MEMBER, BUT STILL HAD NEWFAG BEHAVIOUR. NO ONE IS EXEMPT FROM BEING A NEWFAG OR A SKID.

Step 2: Beginnings

As a Rftechpony, you are expected to do many things one of these things is to follow the rules. If you need the rules, they are located here. These rules will let you know the basics of RF. These rules will help you to know what to do and what not to do. They are easy rules to follow, and if you find yourself breaking more than one, RF isn't the place for you. After you have read the rules, take the time to introduce yourself. You can post on the introduction page here. By introducing yourself, you can get to know the other people on RF, but don't expect a warm welcome always.  This is an example of how your intro shouldn't be. Now that you've gotten all that done, time to move on to the next step. If you are still at this step, for the love of God, do not use the shoutbox yet, you won't be welcomed until you know proper etiquette.

Step 3: Lurking

Because you are a Rftechpony, you need to observe the behaviour of other members. Learn what is right and what isn't. Learn how people communicate by watching the shoutbox, and subscribe to some threads you find interesting. Hell, if you are brave enough, try posting on a thread or two, JUST DON'T USE THE SHOUTBOX PLEASE. Now that you've gotten that step done, let's move to the next part.

Step 4: Shoutbox

Now, you've finally made it to the shoutbox. The place where much of RF's activity happens and where most of the raids are organised. But take caution, the shoutbox is not always the best place. There will be people calling you a Rftechpony. But, if you follow these instructions, you can avoid that. To start off, your first post in the shoutbox should not be "OMG ANYONE HAVE A C00L RAID FOR ME TO DO LOL". This will get everyone's attention because you just threw everyone a bone. They'll smell your scent on that bone, and they'll come for you. You'll be teared apart, because you just made a mistake only a fucking Rftechpony would make. You SHOULD NEVER ask for raids. Find them yourself or wait for someone to provide them. Another common mistake Rftechponys make is to get into fights with other Rftechponys or oldfags. These fights usually end in the Rftechpony being teased and destroyed, so don't do it. It can even get you DDoS'd if you mess with some of the staff. This isn't meant to scare you though, you should still joke around on the shoutbox, don't be scared to jokingly call some people a nigger (even though that's kinda edgy and gay). Just exercise caution and you'll be fine. Also, don't fuck with o j, you'll just get spammed with porn and be called gay.


This is one of the most important steps. Many Rftechponys come on RF and think they are edgy by talking about DDoS'ing and SWATTING. To start off,  SWATTING IS NOT A JOKE. NO ONE ON RF FINDS SWATTING FUNNY EXCEPT FOR THE OCCASIONAL NEWFAG, AND ANY TALKS OF SWATTING WILL RESULT IN PUNISHMENT. Now, onto the skid part. Just because you know how to DDoS and have a VPN doesn't mean you're a hacker. You're just a skid. So how do you not be a skid? Simple. If you don't know shit about hacking and only know about DDoS'ing and VPNs, don't talk about hacking. Most of the time, you'll bite off more than you can chew and it'll end badly for you. A simple google search won't always help you through hacking conversations. If you really want to know how to not be a skid and be a hacker, check out Cridet Forums. They have good tutorials on their forums and people are always willing to help out with questions you may have. If you want to see their full guide on how not to be a skid, click here.

This is the end of the Rftechpony tutorial. If you think I should add anything let me know, and good luck on breaking out of your Rftechpony shell!
yes lol im a savage
You made a mistake. Firstly, a Rftechpony is not just a new member. New members do not have to be Rftechponys, I'm sure you've seen people be called Rftechpony a lot. A Rftechpony is a person who acts like new people generally would, stupid, overly enthusiastic, ddosing, doxing etc.
(08-24-2015, 05:53 PM)Muqi Wrote:  You made a mistake. Firstly, a Rftechpony is not just a new member. New members do not have to be Rftechponys, I'm sure you've seen people be called Rftechpony a lot. A Rftechpony is a person who acts like new people generally would, stupid, overly enthusiastic, ddosing, doxing etc.

Fixed. Heart And I knew that.
SWATTING is hilarious you morbid fuck.
(09-09-2015, 09:16 PM)ben Wrote:  SWATTING is hilarious you morbid fuck.

Sorry, you are right. Swatting is just a meme.
Noice post bb Heart

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