How I inadvertantly got a Developer demoted
It was an average day on Raidforums. I am in the shoutbox when all of the sudden I see drama about how ThePancake has apparently gotten doxed. Being the edgy person that I am, I decided to look into how this is possible. I remember that the night before I was in a google hangout with ThePancake so I go to my profile to see if I can find him in my recently calls. I find his profile which is named [Redacted] and I see that his profile links to his Youtube channel. I click on it and go to his uploads. I see a video entitled 806 English Cooking Show and of course I click on it. I see a middle eastern male in their early teens cooking macaroni and cheese while attempting to be funny. "Could this be Pancake?" I ask myself. Surely not, for how could a Developer only be in their early teens? I pause the video at the perfect time and use Gyazo to capture the person in the video's face. I proceed to post the image in the shoutbox along with the "Me IRL" next to it. Almost immediately ThePancake responds by saying something along the lines of "THAT IS A PICTURE OF ME" and "HOW DID YOU GET MY PICTURE?" I respond by saying "oh shit my bad" and realize that I have indeed posted a picture of ThePancake in the shoutbox. Briefly I am accused of creating the original dox on ThePancake but these assertions are quickly dispelled. As you can guess many users begin posting ThePancake face image. If the drama with Rosie taught Raidforums anything it is that the streisand effect reigns true and any attempt to censor an image will ultimately add to said image's popularity. Eventually the drama led to ThePancake receiving a demotion. Facing a multitude of harassment for being a skid, ThePancake later resigned from Raidforums completely and asked for his account to be permanently banned. With there no longer being any attempt to censor images of ThePancake Raidforums users began posting a multitude of images and memes of him. The original video, which ThePancake removed shortly after the drama began, was even re uploaded to Youtube. Predator now without a Developer for the Hall of Autism sat down and in 5 minutes fixed the PHP row alignment errors that ThePancake hadn't been able to fix in the 48 hours he was a Developer. Predator who at this point was laughing his ass of at ThePancake decided to push irony to its limit and inducted ThePancake into the Hall of Autism. So in the end I guess that my posting of ThePancake image led to a Raidforums Developer getting demoted, banned, and put in the Hall of Autism.
press f to pay respects.
I don't get why people freak out when they see their face leaked.... k you know how i look big fucking deal.
oh yay a new HOA entry

but bro if they no how u look they can take your picture virginitys!!!111
Still weird how a dumbass like Pancake got dev in the first place. In the interview he said that "Pred saw how awesome I was", but I'm not sure I believe that.

Regardless, RIP
f to respect

kk regina jorge^
f for respect pro macaroni cook but never forgotten
ffffffff extra respect for you
I want to see his face doe
top fucking kek m8

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