by Omnipotent - May 29, 2015 at 01:52 PM
Poll: Have You Ever Used Hola!?
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26 54.17%
22 45.83%
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I just found out this was all bullshit and Hola is the best VPN out there, it's used by 48 million people worldwide and even @techpony11 recommends it and best of all it's free!
Soooooooooo......whos getting hola then lol.
Wow, I used Hola like everday
I had heard Hola was a very unreliable VPN but had no clue as to why, thanks for the heads up pred!
I don't know what to believe but I'm not going to use it.
Stop gravedigging you fucking naggers
[Image: c9J5sga.png] [Image: YaY7TgZ.png] >hacked the future
(August 21, 2015 at 11:37 AM)gearsofwar144 Wrote: [Image: c9J5sga.png] [Image: YaY7TgZ.png] >hacked the future

i don't get it Kappa
Stop grave digging pls ;-; i want new thread to spread my shit on Kappa
Someone plz lock this thread cuz people are posting in it for post count
I never knew this wtf that's crazy
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Quit gravedigging you nigs
Everyone should know about hola, stop threadpushing for a fucking signature

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