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My name is LaViolador and I'm a rather prolific 'fun-bringer' online -> far too many aliases to remember but I'd like to think some of my more recent works have been made visible. I've been interested in programming for about 6 years now learning languages ranging from HTML, PHP, Python(fuck that shit), LUA to Visual Basic, C# and now Swift.

So why the fuck am I here? Well, firstly this isn't exactly the sort of company one can find on the street, you all have a specific sub-set of a sub-set of skills and personality charms that I'd very much like to get to know. So yes, I'd like to meet people whom I can have a drunken night of prank calling with but also people who can use intellect to solve problems. Secondly, who the hell doesn't want to sign up to raid forums Smile

So yeah, That's basically Me Heart
Welcome @LaViolador To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome aboard, faget.

Aloha, hola, or whatever.

>Drunken night of prank calling with
Those are kinda rare because most of the people on this site are like 10-12 years old, but sometimes you might be able to find some good google hangout calls. Had one a few days ago. Was very fun.
:( I will sit in a hangout with myself and call myself if I have to :( don't judge me!
Welcome to the raid forums community!

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