Hofeller GOB Election 17.9 GB
by teamkelvinsecteam - January 11, 2020 at 01:54 AM
More information please @teamkelvinsecteam
(January 11, 2020 at 02:38 AM)Omnipotent Wrote: More information please @teamkelvinsecteam

It's a document/hardrive dump from the daughter of a GOP senator. Useful for Public Knowledge/Politics but that's about it 

(January 13, 2020 at 12:28 AM)academicryan Wrote: It's a document/hardrive dump from the daughter of a GOP senator. Useful for Public Knowledge/Politics but that's about it 


Greetings academicryan,

I just spent the last few hours reviewing this data. I assure you when you get really get into this steaming manure pile
with a shovel there is much, much more details buried here than just standard "Public Knowledge/Politics". 

Besides detailed plans on how the Republicans disenfranchised voters by gerrymandering in multiple
states there are also the files detailing the different ways the Republicans directly targeted their voter suppression
of minorities and non-Republican voters.

Some of the data is very detailed and shows that the GOP even knew exactly which specific individual voters
they would stop from voting by tweaking voter eligibility rules. It's all evil illegal shite. It makes you think Trump 
didn't really need either Putin's or Cambridge Analytica's help at all....these documents clearly show how the GOP
themselves went about rigging the election especially in North Carolina which was enough to win by itself.
"The Daughter" is also not the "daughter of a GOP Senator". She is the daughter of the GOP Strategist who died.
She then inherited her father's computer and hard-drives. Republican lawyers have been trying to stop her making
what she found public for more than a year.   She has just gone and given them all one big finger and
went ahead anyway.   Much respect to her. It was a very brave thing to do. 

I also like her final words a lot:
"It’s yours (be nice)."

Below is her initial statement:

FAQ’s to follow, later today. Like, no, I never had a terabyte of data and 750,000 files copied, here’s why:

I didn’t have a terabyte of storage handy, at the time, and…
Most of the 750,000 tally consists of duplicative material.
Dad made backups, and backups, and backups. On Disk 3, for example, were almost 100 backups of the same computer, made in relatively close succession. You get the gist…

The actual, external disks themselves contain the authenticated files (authenticated, as in, admissible as evidence in courts). Those remain in the posession of attorneys for the plaintiffs (of Common Cause v Lewis, and other cases in NY and MD) as the matter of THE Files is still open...

What you’re observing here, is my effort to crowd-source The Hofeller Files.

That means that I don’t, by myself, know exactly what We the People should do about our serious problem, the government of our country.  All I can say, for certain, is that what we’re doing now does NOT seem to be working very well.

The files in this Google Drive were uploaded from my laptop, from a folder I named, “Backups for Gerrymander!”. When you open that folder, you find five sub-folders,

Disk #1
Disk #2
Disk #3
Disk #4  and

The extra folder, “emails” is a new creation, because on the drives themselves, those emails existed as very, very, very large .pst and .eml files. The backups were unwieldy in size, and difficult to upload.

Also, since the folks that have already had a look at this material have found all sorts of interesting stuff in the emails, and I wanted y’all to be able to see them, too.  I also needed to be able to read everything before I published it (don’t ya think?). That’s one of the tasks that took so very long…

“But Steph”, you might say, “...there’s so much, super personal, stuff of YOURS in here...why?”

It’s because these backups were, in large part, backups of my parents’ home computer...from a decent number of years back.  The desktop DID have a folder that I made, back in 2012 (or ‘11?) called “Steph’s Stuff”. I leave all of it in place for the same reason I sent everything to Arnold Porter, to preserve the forensic integrity of the material (not just for legal, but for historical purposes).

So, when it comes to myself, I have the right to sacrifice a certain amount of my own privacy.

Also, our ringers of the GOP, when they finally figured out that Hofeller’s daughter (as in, “...my god, is that Hofeller’s daugher?!” actually had something that embarrassed them, they started a campaign to highlight my already public private life, and imply that my character or motivation was relevant to the authenticity of the files, themselves, ie, the evidence against them. It totally isn’t relevant.

I was not the party that brought my personal life into this matter, it was the GOP, trying to object to evidence on sole grounds that it was devastating to their case.

I also leave my shit here so that everyone can see the ridiculousness of the GOP’s assertion that these files belong to them. No, they belong to everybody, as they are evidence in matters that concern The People, their right to franchise and their access to shared resources.

And, if they belong to any one person, that person is me. So, here I go sharing again.

I’m going to be adding source materials, further information, research ideas and links to resources.

In the meantime, Mishka and I have been shut up in my apartment for a few days straight, now. So, I’m going to go for a ride, pick up some ciggies, and drop her off at home.
Please download and distribute this material, at will. It’s yours (be nice).

Yours too, for what it’s worth,

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