Hijacker:-- Aircrack, Airodump, Aireplay
by ziki - October 20, 2020 at 03:52 PM
Hijacker:-- Aircrack, Airodump, Aireplay, MDK3, and Reaver GUI Application for Android.

The hijacker is a Graphical User Interface for the #penetration testing tools Aircrack-ng, Airodump-ng, MDK3, and Reaver. It offers a simple and easy UI to use these tools without typing commands in a console and copy&pasting MAC addresses.

-> Information Gathering
1. View a list of access points and stations (clients) around you (even hidden ones)
2. View the activity of a specific network (by measuring beacons and #data packets) and its clients
3. Statistics about access points and stations
4. See the manufacturer of a device (AP or station) from the OUI database
5. See the signal power of devices and filter the ones that are closer to you
6. Save captured packets in .cap file

-> Attacks:-
1. Deauthenticate all the clients of a network (either targeting each one (effective) or without specific target)
2. Deauthenticate a specific client from the network it's connected
3. MDK3 Beacon Flooding with custom options and SSID list
MDK3 Authentication DoS for a specific network or to every nearby AP
4. Capture a WPA handshake or gather IVs to crack a WEP network
5. Reaver WPS cracking (pixie-dust attack using nethunter chroot and external adapter)

-> Other
1. Leave the app running in the background, optionally with a notification
2. Copy commands or MAC addresses to clipboard
3. Includes the required tools, no need for manual installation
4. Includes the Nexmon driver, required library and management utility for BCM4339 and BCM4358 devices
5. Set commands to enable and disable monitor mode automatically
6. Crack .cap files with a custom wordlist
7. Create custom actions and run them on an access point or a client easily
8. Sort and filter Access Points and Stations with many parameters
9. Export all gathered information to a file
10. Add a persistent alias to a device (by MAC) for easier identification

Download Link:-

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