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Higher Staff Job Assignments
I just wanted to give some insight to our users on who they should contact to get certain things done.

Our current Admins do certain jobs each that are assigned to them.
All ADMINS get to moderate shoutbox, forums and get a say on MOD Application requests.


Omni deals with all the Upgrades for VIP, MVP and GOD members.
Omni deals with anything if you contact him you may just get a bigger delay since he has to read through a lot of requests. If you do need help contact via Discord.


- @Sem -
Deals with staff and Staff reports.
He manages staff such as Staff Absences, Demoting and Promoting.
Deals with the forums, staff applications, ban appeals, staff reports, and raiding teams.

- @John -
Deals with almost anything and replaces other admin's jobs when away.


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