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Hi there!
Im Vicky from Argentina. Thanks for having me, I will try to participate and help as much as possible  Heart
whalecum to RF better lube up
LOL, I'm ready for it
Welcome to Raid Forums. Hope to see you around.
I might be visiting Argentina in a few weeks. Any good places??!
you too have a great day : ))
Welcome to the website Smile
Welcome too! Nice to see some other woman here...seems is bratwurst festifal around here >.<
Welcome to the forum vickydevoto we love u
Thanks, everyone Smile

@Elitas, visit the south and north of the country, they're amazing. And if you're gonna stay in a big city...bring a gun xD
Welcome from one newbie to another.
all the other intro posts have no comments, one (potential) girl posts and there are 10 replies. good shit

stay thirsty my friends

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