Hi, Its FIr3storm, dealer of FUD malware
by abhirup03 - 01-19-2019, 05:09 AM
Hi guyz,

How are you all, Its fire3torm.I mostly deals in databases and fud malware and their source codes. I am here to stay, as my old .onion forum got busted. :(

Its really interesting how this forum grows man, I am really hopeful to stay here for long, and you all can ping me for anything related to dark web to malwares, fir3storm is always there for you all.
xu xun si ni neng kan de dong pinyin?
(01-19-2019, 05:19 AM)alphago Wrote: xu xun si ni neng kan de dong pinyin?

No man, I only understand English :Smilend binary and python and some other non human languages ;Wink
(01-20-2019, 12:59 AM)jonnybanana84 Wrote: welcome to the forum!!!!!!!


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