Hey guys Volkoff here
by Volkoff - September 25, 2015 at 09:04 PM
Hey guys just wanted to introduce myself.

I mostly will be created programs here. I have projects already made such as a web based crypter C++

I also plan to make twitch related projects so keep an eye out for me.

Also is there any staff to I can talk to regarding Sales don't want to come across something not allowed.
Welcome @Volkoff To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

This user shows promise, if he can uphold it. Welcome to Raid Forums, and enjoy your stay. Be EXTRA sure to read the rules so your stay may be long.
Welcome to the site @Volkoff. Make sure to read the site rules. You seem like the type of person that will fit in around here.
Thanks guys I will try =D

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