Hello - system admin here!
by r3dgr33nblu3 - November 22, 2021 at 10:28 AM
Hi all

I'm an "old" technician, I started usin computer from Commodore 64/128 time, jumping to 80386, 486SX, and so much more

I have always  loved how networking works, I started from the great book from Andrew Tanenbaum and then I started to use IRC (nice memories) to talk to other groups, I still remember the m3nt0rz group, that was late 90s...

Actually I work as system administrator, I know a lot about linux and windows OS, servers, networking, clustering, distribuited file systems, and so on.

I usually try to be a "good guy" but sometimes, being at the "good" side, it's not always legal...

Thanks for reading

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