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Hello Raidforums
Hello everyone, I joined this forum at last.
In the past I have used some of the "resources" on this forum that were provided to me by others, but now I decided to make my own account.
I've been looking at the DB dumps and leaks that are available here and I have to say that I'm impressed.
Sadly enough I can't (yet) obtain any of them but I suppose I can in a while.
I'm new to the whole credits system and still need to figure it out.
After looking for a bit I couldn't really figure out how to obtain any without having to pay for them.
If anyone has any good ideas ofc let me know.
cout << "hello there ";
megarobo12222 welcomee! :D
Welcome to the forums enjoy your stay.Make sure you read the rules
welcome dude Wink

this can help u
welcome to the forum, the credit system is pretty easy to get used to.

enjoy your stay here
Hope you will find what you are seeking for!
Enjoy your stay!
hope you have a nice time here, we're all friendly.

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