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Hello I'm Jaylon
Hey I am Jaylon and I am 16 and found out about RaidForums from YouTube. I came here pretty much to recreate those moments and hopefully be apart of them. I have been to 4chan a few times, (for good shotacon duh) but I don't know any of the words you all use and I'm learning so help me out if I ask in shout box and DON'T IGNORE! Also I have an alt on twitch you might see named JillinKnn34

Welcome @JaylonCmm23 To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome to RaidForums! We hope you enjoy our raids, make sure to read the rules and try not to be a Rftechpony.
Welcome Jaylon Sargent.
Nice Instagram:
[Image: profile_17470409_75sq_1341775942.jpg]

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