Hello Friends
by 618506C - October 15, 2020 at 12:04 PM
Hello Friends,

Long time lurker here decided to create an account so i can contribute, also i miss the social interaction with other people due to COVID.
During the day i am a security professional working for a big ecommerce company, during the night i am a skid that likes to work on various projects i.e. Online marketing affiliate stuff /Bounty's / and some grey/white hat stuff.

hoping to find more like-minded people here so maybe in the future we can start projects or join a group.

Yes i have read the rules and understand the guidelines of this forum, if anyone has questions shoot or hit me up on DM.

That's awesome man, glad youve decided to be active with us! Welcome to RF !
Thank you N0daut! hope to see you again soo :D
i love your pfp the grandma saying WAT lol
(October 16, 2020 at 02:05 PM)xtwolfx1 Wrote: i love your pfp the grandma saying WAT lol

Thanks! still makes me giggle everytime :D
Welcome to the forums officially! Smile
yo whatup how is it going?
Whalecum to RF, enjoy the stay.
that's pretty cool. welcome!
Welcome, enjoy your stay :D
welcome here my new friend 618506C
Thanks for the kind words friends! feeling welcome already

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