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Hello ^.^
I'm giggles, I laugh a lot especially when people get mad. I joined the website because I watch a few videos of people raiding streams and it seems like a lot of fun.
Welcome @Giggles To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Welcome to radforums, dont be autistic and youll be fine Smile

that shit was creepy a'f
welcome though.
Welcome, don't be a piece of shit and you'll have fun!
Welcome to RaidForums. I have a guide on how not to be a Rftechpony if you'd like to read it.
Welcome, please don't rape anyone. And have fun!
Dude. I love your name. So much. I like you already.

Welcome though :D
Better make sure we don't laugh at you when you go in the sperma banana chamber.

Still best of luck, if you need help or advice, you can pm me.

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