by mmoshaughnessy - November 25, 2021 at 05:42 AM
Been a lurker of RF for quite awhile, figured it was time to finally join the community!

I currently work as an engineer in the world of software development - Microsoft Dynamics is my current focus/specialty.

Been doing the thang since I modded my original xbox (old school jtag method) and never really stopped. My first "Crack" was completed at a young age when I used Limewire to download and install Limewire Pro! Hahaha.

I've recently took the deep dive into everything pentesting/cybersec related, more for hobby than anything.

Glad to be here!
Hahah oh god, Limewire was such a Russian roulette back then, 80% of time a virus :'D lmao! :D welcome, and have fun! cheers!
Welcome mmoshaughnessy. Hope u have a great time!
Welcome! I hope you will be fine here.

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