"Hatchet" (Victor Crowley) is supposedly based on a true story
by thelinuxnerd - October 24, 2020 at 11:22 PM

Victor crowley from Hatchet is supposedly a true story (or based on a true story). Victor crowley is supposedly an undead monster who went on a massacre on halloween. There's a real-life slasher killer who's supposedly buried in my region too. I know that the curse of La Llorona is also a true story. I saw a video of I believe Moe Sargi conjuring up the La Llorona demon in some youtube videos.
What ? The ? Hell ? Fcking no sense ?
I never knew this, I knew of Texas Chainsaw Massacre being based on a true story (the killings of Ed Gein) but I didn't know know this was genuinely based on something real

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