Hash Converter for forensics
by thedarklostsoul - June 10, 2020 at 09:41 PM
Hello Everyone,

i am trying to find a hash converter , what i want to do is convert SHA256 to say MD5 or other hash types ?
let me know if you know anything about it ? i wrote my write for it but it completely dependent on virus total.
any advice is appreciated  Heart
I don’t understand

A hash is a one way operation, you would have to find the original file or whatever is hashed to calculate md5 or whatever. Youd make some big bucks if you found a way to reverse engineer every hash value.

You can search virustotal, rainbowtables, totalhash etc as they might have the original samples

And why in the world would you switch from sha-256 to md5? Md5 is much less secure

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