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Halo my fellow Hitler youth
Halo m8$. U guys helped me (xXMineCraftKidXx) 2 insulate my komputer against electrons wit butter. So I'm  joining this forum 2 help other kids insulate their stuff. Away with that bullshit,to be forthcoming, I've been interested in this given the daily torture I undergo going to a school with gaming programs, where the kids in the class worship minecraft, league, and CS:GO. So I want to combat this menace with the iron fist of ze fuhrër and stymie the unending autism horde. So Heil hitler and Le`go my negros.
Welcome @FinelyAgedPruno To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

You seem like such a nice person.

Welcome to raidforums.
Enjoy your stay.
Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy the raids and community! Watch out for @techpony11 Smile Kappa

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