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Hacker Who Never Hacked Anyone Gets 33-Month Prison Sentence
It looks like someone is trying to make an example out of these folks.
america and all we knows Smile)
All you fags talking shit about America, DREAM of going there.
Wow this is insane. Without CFAA and other computer security law reform were are just going to stall technological progress.
Well, to be honest it's kind of hacking if you code a RAT
What a crazy story i feel bad for him this isnt rly a good law system ;C
Control is an illusion!!!!
33 months, that's fucked up tbh
Be careful about your skills. They might land you in jail one day.
Well this thread is kinda propaganda... the guy you talk about is Armada from Hackforums.
He just sold malware he developed, he encrypted it, he helped also another malware developer with his victims etc... he knew what they did with the malware lol. That's the equivalent of selling guns to mafias or terrorists knowing they are gonna use them to kill people. Reason he does not get a bigger sentence is the tool he sold was not meant to kill people.

He did not hack co'z it also could be argued he's not really a hacker anyway. He just coded a program and made sure antivirus databases would not flag it as malware.
He sold this malware and when big companies started to get hitted by his malware his profit backfired (energy companies from the middle east; by the way)

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