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Hacker Who Never Hacked Anyone Gets 33-Month Prison Sentence
He got what was due. If you market your software as a RAT you have to know that it could come back to bite you.
Wow. This is the craziest story I head heard in my entire life, mai friend.
Its a new age we live in, just being smart enough to write a malicious program can get you jail time.. Thats nuts
Writing a malicious program is one thing, distributing it and profiting off of it is quite another.

I feel for the guy but can't help but believe he earned it the sentence.
I feel bad for this guy haha
we could argue that he "Never Hacked Anyone", couldn't we?
Srsly? How is that possible!?
Why don't they arrest Bill Gates for creating such a penetrable OS?
he is just a programmer like any other developer , people make the kind of use
this is ridiculous happened !
Well, he still did illegal things by helping criminals
Heard about this a while ago from someone I know. He coulda just said that he didn't make it for malicious purposes. I've seen tons of RAT sellers online who say they are to be used only for "research purposes" which they obviously know won't happen.
That's really sad to hear :(

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