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[Image: security.png]

Program made for after having made a backdoor attack to make an intrusion on the victim's WhatsApp. These types of attacks occur at night, while the victim sleeps, because he loses his WhatsApp session.

BackDoors can be hidden in applications, audios, music and even in simple images sent by WhatsApp. I explain on my page all the procedures for the generation of BackDoor.

Isolated from the program ... the operation is the same. What I have tried is to automate the procedure so it is less complex.
First we send an SMS from WhatsApp Central for the registration code.

[Image: 30582280_2037242466558644_63556937945835...e=5B57EE57]

Thanks to metasploit with the session created on the infected device, we can see the received sms using dump_sms

[Image: 30441421_2037242616558629_62488348186501...e=5B55CD2B]

And then we can enter the registration code using yowsup

[Image: 30516215_2037242716558619_76504954121702...e=5B6C29B1]

It will generate a password. It is important to remember and write it ... but RemoteWA automatically generates the whatsapp_config.txt file with everything you need inside it

[Image: 30516479_2037242783225279_84329616806791...e=5B5D16B7]

This is the file whatsapp_config.txt

[Image: 30530573_2037242849891939_27621023796706...e=5B60F7AD]

Now, from the generated file, we can make the mobile victim send a whatsapp message to whoever we want. In this case, I have infected a cell phone and sent me a message from your phone. The following would happen:

[Image: 30442741_2037243006558590_65807443438266...e=5B6971F4]

And now, as we can see, I got a whatsapp from your phone number

[Image: 30516701_2037243086558582_31211715810752...e=5B6632C0]

Another thing we can do is also sniff out the conversations that are taking place on WhatsApp from your phone number

the link fall now e.e aaaa

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