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hey guys and welcome to my introduction!

so who am i?

i am a polish 19 year old that is interested in RF!

I will kindly invest all of my money on rf!~

 I am a super hacker69 i own lmao
Ban reason: Ban evading as coocoolio (Permanent)
Welcome @niko8rs To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Nice shitpost, 9/11 69/69 420/420 memes/memes

Kurwa, a polish dude

Welcome, have fun, invest in me pls, i'm yummy
Welcome to RF, I will ddos you with LOIC kid...
I'll have you no im a [email protected] ddoxer, prepare for the shitstorm coming ur way lelelelelele
Welcome and enjoy the forums. Nice to see that there are still people joining RF that are currently in college. Your age makes me miss the time when I was 19.
Hi, welcome to the forums. Are you one of those l33t 1337 h4x0rs from Lizord Squid?
1337 elote hackir welcum
Get redy for hte shitsrom, we got ur IP its 69.420.1337.nigger Kappahd

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