HLB Admin was jailed? Theory hottestleakedbabes
by LVL Death - January 07, 2020 at 09:15 PM
For more than a month we can’t access the HLB website. I recently learned that the creator of HLB is Ukrainian. I found the official telegram channel HLB and everything was in Russian there. Since I am from Russia and I understand everything. Two admins are no longer active for more than a month, and the channels have been empty since November. I checked the host site and it was also Ukraine. I decided to look for news on this topic and that's what I found ... Translate the Google page with a translator and you’ll understand everything. In short: they put him in prison from 19 dec 2019 .. for 12 year prison 

Site with news CLICK

Here two screenshots

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Why was he sent to prison????
(February 10, 2020 at 06:46 AM)blaqpanth3rman1 Wrote: Why was he sent to prison????

God knows idek who this guy was being honest lmao.
explain what is hlb to me
Jeeze. Sounds like jim got mixed up with some bad apples
ouch...12 yrs is longggggg for some babes! >.<
Oh that's not good thought this wasn't true at first

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