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In has come to my attention that I have do know what my opinion on humanity really is. I am not entirely sure whether I have lost faith in humanity yet or not. If you think about it, we have been on Earth for around 200,000 years and look how far we have come. From cavemen hunting down antelopes with spears to feed our family's and now we're working and buying food from supermarkets to feed our family. I think it's really rather impressing have we have evolved. No other specie has managed to build Sky Scrapers, Stadiums which can hold tens of thousands of people and buildings that can withstand mother natures worst.
Your first sentence makes no sense.

You do realize that 99% of species that have existed are now extinct right?

Anyway, your list of accomplishments has nothing to do with the question you've posed. Those things, like all things, were done by a very small minority. For instance, far more blacks in Africa rape babies in the belief it protects them from contracting HIV then have designed skyscrapers.
In general, I am not, but always someoje surprise and disappoint me...
You could have written your question a little better.

There is always going to be bad with the good. To "lose faith in humanity" is a sensationalist saying.

Yes because I can't listen to music in public. Like with a boompin ass speaker.

Lol. But nah in all seriousness, it's more society that i'm disappointed with. We are living in a modern day Orwell. & the saddest part about that is half of us never read the book........
never had it in the first place, better to get some shit done, fuck around a bit, make sure u set up a decent enough life so u don't die like some welfare seeking bum living in their own shit. then when u got all ur shit together u live for a bit, then u die maybe by being killed by BLACK NIGGERS and then u fuck off and at that point humanity is the least of ur concerns cause u ded son

LOL Face the truth. Your life is significant on earth. We live a litte. Do some shit. Then die. 50 years later you're forgotten. Who cares if you have faith in humanity or no?
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You are born, you live, you die. One day the sun will burn out and the universe will cease to be and at that point your faith, any thoughts you've had, this post on this forum on the internet will mean literally nothing, the question you need to ask yourself is if it'll mean nothing does it mean anything right now.

Hint: The answer is no, stfu and go wank.
LMFAO the world is all going to nuke itself
^ whats that guy said fuck humanity beat your dick

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