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Guide on How Not to Get Raided
This is how not to get raided if you're a streamer on Twitch. Simple guide.

Step 1. Make sure you know the difference between the words,"Moderator" and, "Friends".
Step 2. Be over 13 and actually sound like you've hit puberty.
Step 3. Don't have an autistic title. I.E. "20 follower hype | playing minecraft | follow me | [minecraft server ip]"
Step 4. This goes hand-in-hand with Step 3, don't play autistic games like minecraft.
Step 5. Don't get angry when you get raided, it makes us happier.
Step 6. Don't have autistic music playing in the background, like dubstep or shit nobody has ever heard of.
Step 7. Don't sit there and mumble to yourself or talk about what's going on in the game. We can see the screen and don't need you to narrate it. Unless you're Morgan Freeman.
Step 8. (This only applies to females) If you think you're good at streaming because you're a girl, you're not. Don't just have your cleavage out for money. Also, don't have the donate button at the top of your god-damn info panel.
Step 9. Don't say autistic things. Here's a short list: Gucci, Hashtag, Swag, Yolo, Noob, Ratchet, Gay, Dope, Cray, etc.
Step 10. Don't have an autistic picture of a minecraft character. Nobody cares what your shitty skin in minecraft looks like.

This is a W.I.P. Go ahead and tell me what else I should add or edit in the comments.
For girl streamers to not show cleavage for money. Or to not have the donate button on the top of your info panel.
Thanks for the idea, Annie. I've added it.
Moved to tutorial's
-Do not mod random users
-Read the chat so you can ban raiders in time
just be b8 and have a fun time with the raiders

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