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[Guide] Make Easy Money Online With Barely any Effort
[Guide] Auto-pilot Method to Make 300$ daily with 5 minutes setup This Method is COMPLETELY Auto-pilot after a 5 minutes setup. I am personally making over 170$ daily from using it. There is no investment required, You Just have to use 5-10 minutes to setup this and then No maintenance is required after setting it up Smile Why should you try this method? - This method works, Guaranteed! - Guaranteed profit ($50 your first day, and 300$+ daily afterwards) - No investment required - 100% Auto-pilot - Only a 5 minutes setup - Easy to understand - Newbie Friendly - It is the only method that works. LET’S START:- Step 1: Firstly signup here, this website Pays 0.25$ if anyone does a free signup at your referral link. Step 2: Download this MS Word Document from here Step 3: Replace the referral link in that .doc file with your referral link. Step 4: The best way now to spread our referral link is through distributing this eBook for free. Do not worry you not have to manually send this eBook to anyone. Step 5: Have you ever heard of Basically is a website that allows people to share and download e-books for free. Make sure that you upload the eBook with your referral link here. You will gain like 30-100 downloads daily if you upload the eBook with your referral here. Step 6: Another good website is Slideshare allows you to upload power point presentations. Open up your Microsoft PowerPoint and paste all of the e-book information onto PowerPoint presentations. Save the presentations and upload them on Slideshare. You will get like 30-100 downloads daily if you upload the eBook with your referral here. Step 7: A list of websites where you can share free eBooks can be found here. Upload the eBook in as much as sites as you can. Step 8: Doing this you will start getting like 3000-5000 or even more downloads daily to your eBook, and like 1000-4000 of the downloaders will join your referral. This will make you like 250$-1000$ daily (You will make more money if you use more time to setup this Auto-Pilot) Step 9: Sit back and watch your money rolling. Step 10: Enjoy. Good Luck
Here links dont work
Is this actually legit?
Here links dont work
Sounded nice but links aren't working
Ban reason: Doxing RF members || || (Permanent)
I think you have to get a lot of downloads to receive more than cents from referrals :(
Sweet, thanks for the post.
(08-14-2017, 10:43 AM)waves Wrote:  I think you have to get a lot of downloads to receive more than cents from referrals :(

true this methods are very old fromd days of mirc hhhhh
(08-04-2017, 07:08 AM)slayerr008 Wrote:  Fix your links, please!

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