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[Guide] Make Easy Money Online With Barely any Effort
[Guide] Make Easy Money Online With Barely any Effort This method is completely white hat and you do not need to invest a single penny unless you decide to! All you need is to able to give around fifteen minutes of your time at day and you will be on your way. You will be earning around $10 from just fifteen minutes of work! What does it involve? You will be recording your screen and your microphone as the companies watch these videos back to see how they can improve their products. If you have more time, then you can just complete even more tasks and earn a whole lot more! All you have to do is complete certain tasks which have been set by various companies and then once you have completed them you will earn your money. These tasks can just involve reviewing websites, apps and testing them for companies. Sometimes you can get tasks where you will need to purchase goods, but you can just avoid them as you do not need to every task you are given. What do you need? All you need is a computer, a microphone, a PayPal account and fifteen minutes! If you do have any other devices such as, an iPhone, an iPod, an android phone, a windows phone, or an android tablet you will be making more money. As well as doing tasks on your computer, you can also do them on your devices! The wider the variety of devices you own, the more tasks you will be able to do! Let's Get Started! Okay, now let us get on our way to making some quick money! First off you will need to go to and sign up. Once of the website, go to the button “Get paid to test” and click on it. Simply enter your email address and you will receive an email telling you what to do next. Before you successfully become a tester for them, you are required to complete a sample task and record yourself completing it. Once you have completed it, it can take up to one week to review. If your application is successful you will be hired and you will now be able to start completing tasks. I advise you to watch the example video which will explain what you are required to do (the sample video is available when you press “Continue”). My advice to all of you is to comment on everything you do, make sure you read out the task, talk about what is bad or good with whatever you’re reviewing or testing. Explain how hard or how easy it is to use the application/website. Once your application has been reviewed and you have been accepted you will need to fill out your demographic info. This will help companies select you to test their product/site. Next you will need to select what devices you own. The more you own, the more tasks you will be given. Now once you have saved your profile you will start to receive tasks, usually it takes up to a day before you are given a task. The rating system The rating system is incredibly important in getting tasks. After you complete a task you are giving a rating by the company. It is really important that for your first task you make sure that your task is completed to a very high standard. Companies do not want to higher testers who only have a low rating as they believe that the task will only be created to a low standard. Companies only want testers who have a high rating, four or five stars. Having a high rating will mean you are given many more tasks than others. The Tasks As I have previously mentioned the tasks are usually based on websites or mobile phone applications. You will be reviewing these applications, usually still in development. You will be providing critical advice to the developers. Your screen is going to be recorded as you perform the task and your microphone will also be recorded as you will need to be verbally commentating as you perform the task. As soon as you log onto you will be greeted by your dashboard and a list of the available tests. Screener tests are used to check whether you will be eligible for the task. Getting Paid Upon completion of the task, it will be uploaded and the company will review it. Once they have reviewed it $10 will be credited to your account and one week after you completed the task $10 will be paid into your PayPal account. There is no limit to the amount of money you will be able to earn. The amount you earn all depends on the standard of the task which was completed and the amount of tasks you complete. Happy Earnings
get tasks where you will need to purchase goods
Hi guys! I always read all of your posts and I inspired myself with the results every one of you have also I learned with the questions and response ???? I'm going to tell a little about my story
Ban reason:
Account made to bypass a leech warning (Permanent)
word doc is not working ,wht to do?

sorry wrong thread

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